Tarzan is the thirty-seventh animated feature in the Disney Animated Canon. It was produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation, and released to theaters by Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Pictures Distribution on June 18, 1999. It is based upon the Tarzan of the Apes novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and is the only major motion picture version of the Tarzan property to be animated.

Tarzan is sometimes considered to be the last major box office success of the Disney Renaissance before the studio's decline in the early to mid 2000s (sometimes known as Disney's Second Dark Age). Other critics consider Dinosaur (2000) to be the last film in the Disney Renaissance. At the time of its release, its production budget of $130 million made it the most expensive animated film ever made, until topped by Disney's own $140 million Treasure Planet in 2002. It was also the first Disney animated feature to open at first place at the North American box office since Pocahontas (1995).

It is also the last "bona fide" hit before the Disney slump of the early 2000s making $171,091,819 in domestic gross and $448,191,819 worldwide. Even so, the overall commercial and critical success did not match that of the early 90's Disney movies. Today, it is seen as a modest hit. However, it should be noted that some movie critics and animation historians consider this the first film of Disney's Second Dark Age; mostly due to the fact it was a departure from the musical format.